The Film Partnership of North Carolina Announces New Collaboration with Cape Fear Community College

(WILMINGTON) – Today, the Film Partnership of North Carolina is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Cape Fear Community College on the new production BELLUM, a short-film take on WWIII, set to film in the Mount Olive area. In conjunction with Cape Fear Community College, the Film Partnership of North Carolina and IATSE 491 RIDE Internship Program will provide the production with highly-trained interns, from the local region, that will serve as a crucial portion of the crew, assisting in hair and makeup, electrical, camera, and other production departments.

“We’re very pleased to be partnering with Cape Fear Community College and the production team behind BELLUM. These partnerships are the core purpose of our program. To provide the production with a trained team of interns to fulfill the necessary positions of production support, and in return, the interns receive valuable, hands-on training in a real-world production setting with industry veterans like Dave Hill. Which will hopefully start them on a path to new and exciting careers,” stated Susi Hamilton, President of the Film Partnership of North Carolina. 

“The productions trust that our team of interns come trained and prepared for the work. The result is ultimately an expanded, skilled workforce available for the next production. It’s another attractive element of why productions can be so successful in North Carolina while adding to the growing film economy here,” Hamilton continued.

BELLUM began filming October 30 and will run through the beginning of November. The Film Partnership of North Carolina sponsored over two dozen interns for BELLUM, an estimated $76,000 investment for the local production.

“We are incredibly excited about our collaboration between the Film Partnership of North Carolina, Cape Fear Community College, and IATSE 491 with the RIDE Internship Program. BELLUM is the largest production we have attempted at our school, the relationships that are forming, and the knowledge our students are acquiring from a who’s who of film professionals has been an incredible process to witness,” said Duke Fire, CFCC Film Production Technologies Program Director. “We expect this to be the first of many successful collaborations.”

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