Explore Paid Training to Work in Film

Pursue an accessible filmmaking education. Expect an introductory course on set operations, crew positions, safety, equipment, set etiquette. A bootcamp of sorts for these entry level film positions.

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*Must be a resident of North Carolina, Vaccinated and have the time to commit to the internship


five-week Paid Internship

You’ll work on-set, alongside some of the best in the industry, gaining valuable experience.


Work 40-hour weeks, and up to 20 hours of pre-approved overtime each week at $22.50/hour.

Job Specific

Your training will be tailored to your area of interest, and will maximize your potential.

Safety training

The Film Partnership is committed to the highest level of safety standards, your internship will include safety training.

How it works

Final outcomes and timelines depend on the shifting elements of the program, the intern’s existing skills and experience, as well as the internship experience.



Interested interns submit an inquiry through the website


Formal Application

A member from the Film Partnerhip leadership will sent you a formal application


Training Partner

Once accepted, interns will be advised and connect with the best training partners to fulfill their desired goals.


Classroom Training

The current structure is 2-5 day classroom training followed by 4-5 weeks on set.


Ongoing Career in film

Desired outcome is that your onsite training, and networking lead to ongoing work in film

Training Partners

FPNC works closely with industry partners including IATSE 491, Cape Fear Community College, and many others to provide our interns with real-world, hands-on production experience with industry professionals.

Frequently asked Questions

Individuals looking to explore a career “behind the camera” in film that don’t meet traditional criteria. Getting paid has been a barrier of entry. Lack of formal education. Lack of awareness & access. Living in underserved communities, diversity in ethnicity. Lack of access to and ability to network with the film community.

  • Workplace Behaviors: Conflict Resolution, Harrassmant/Discrimination, Dress for Set, Time Management, Attention to Details, Etiquette Critical Thinking Skills, At the Ready
  • Personal Development: SMART Goals Workshop, Positive Language and Attitude, Establishing Good Habits, Success Strategies, Career Path Planning
  • Theory: Safety on Set, Work and Learn Skill Training, Environment Awareness, Film Production (Movie Magic=Hard Work)
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous

Pre-existing technical abilities if possible, but not required.

Must show proof of residency of the “Geater Wilmington area. NHC, Pender, Brunswick”
DL, voter registration, bill
Intens must show proof of vaccination and booster per CDC guidelines to enroll

If you have not received both doses of the COVID vaccine and booster.
If you are not a resident of the Tri County Area (New Hanover, Pender or Brunswick)
If you do not have the time/availability to commit to the classroom or onsite training.
If you are not motivated to learn the skills needed to succeed on a film production set.

  • Studio Mechanics
  • Production
  • Talent Writing
  • Art
  • Wardrobe
  • Construction
  • Props
  • Greens
  • Special Effects
  • Grip
  • Paint
  • Plaster
  • Electrics
  • Set Decoration
  • Sound/Video
  • Locations
  • Craft Service
  • Makeup

Our Mission

The Film Partnership of NC is an NC 501c3 economic development organization, vocational education resource and advocate structured to grow the film, television, and digital streaming industry in NC through collaboration, and to create a pipeline of a diverse, well-trained and inclusive workforce.

The Partnership’s leadership is a diverse group of members from the industry who work or invest in filmed content across the state.

Want to get paid for your internship?